Chemistry and Basketball

I an Kenrik Royce Ng.   I can relate myself as well as chemistry to a basketball game. I think I am like a basketball game because people will never know what to expect from me. Sometimes, things go according to plan, sometimes they don’t, especially when I’m around. Also, sometimes the results are encouraging while some are disappointing.

I can relate chemistry to a basketball game in that in basketball, you need to have “chemistry” with your teammates. That means that you have to mesh up well, like some chemicals, in order for the result to be a decent one. Likewise, taking risks is also part of both. Some might turn out great, some might turn out unexpectedly bad.


~ by Kenners on June 18, 2010.

One Response to “Chemistry and Basketball”

  1. very timely! just a day after lakers won! 🙂

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