For me, I think knowledge is something that a person gains not only through his/her own experiences, but from others’ as well. Knowledge is gained by as mentioned, experience. If you never tried something, then you don’t know about that “something”. As said by a famous person, someone who never failed, never succeeded. Some of our knowledge came from others like our predecessors. They tell us of their experiences – what to and not to do, etc… Some people, due to the fact that they have the opportunity to study in schools, gain extra knowledge compared to others. Also, young people are more capable of remembering all those knowledge compared to the older ones.

At first, I always thought that TOK was related to CLE, mostly because of the 3 abbreviations. Now, I think that TOK has something related to knowledge. I am quite unsure of my feelings towards it, mostly because I don’t know how the tests will look like.

TOK requires us to ask questions correct? One question I would like to ask is what if we run out of questions to ask?



~ by Kenners on June 29, 2010.

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