Why is Mythology even important these days?

First of all, without mythology, our lives will just be as dull as ever. Mythology is here to entertain us, so that we could “travel back in time” and be closer to the divine. Next, Mythology was created by our ancestors maybe because of their characteristics or influence. When we study Mythology, it bring us closer to them, delving and understanding their cultures from the past. It could also explain a certain event or phenomena.

What is the impact of Mythology in our modern world?

Mythology, even though it is a thousand or even a million years old, still has an impact in our modern world. For example, some of the names of the stars were named out of the gods or goddesses. Another is the way we talk, for example, a book of maps gets its name from Atlas, the Titan who supported the heavens on his shoulders. Another impact of Mythology is that it makes us think, relax and reflect on how we could have came to be.


~ by Kenners on June 30, 2010.

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