Ping Pong

Coming out of St. Jude, I competed in badminton, swimming, basketball and a little of table tennis, and won some. When my parent realized that I can’t play all those sports anymore because I am flat-footed, and flat-footed people cannot play sports in which they “jump”. That took out badminton and basketball for me. I disliked swimming because you had to get wet and take a bath all the time. Coming in to Xavier, the only sport that I was probably interested at was left at table tennis. It took me my whole first year to get the hang of it, before trying out for varsity the next year. After a year in the team, I believe that I will still be in it come graduation.

I often attend training every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4-6 pm. I love my teammates and I do think they love me back too. We would always greet each other and whenever I am there, a lot are hoping to play with me. Last year, we joined a few tournaments and had little success because competition is very very tough. This year, I believe that we are training harder than ever to make Xavier proud.

By next year, I hope to become the team captain and win some competitions. Being the only player in my batch and the batch after us, I know this will be a great honor for me.


~ by Kenners on September 7, 2010.

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