VC 7/28/2011

I believe that this VC was indeed much more successful than the first VC we had last week and one of the reasons why it was more successful was maybe because of the venue. The second VC was held in the Media Ed, which I think was a more suitable place for the VC to be held. It was more secluded and maybe technical difficulties weren’t as rampant there as it was in the MPH. Aside from that, the conversation was quite interesting and free-flowing, especially when one of the Indians replied that “Humanity is the only religion”. Factors that cause this are that the participants were very attentive and were taking the VC seriously, as noticed, more people participated in this VC than the past week’s. The video conference was very lively and active. The participants were very friendly and made it sound like it was not scripted (it really wasn’t! for our side. The way Gian responded to Mr. Ian and the rest made it clear that he was very comfortable with no signs of nervousness. Maybe next time what I can do is to pay more attention to the speakers, because some of them have very heavy accents what might make it hard for me to understand. I could also learn to ask more meaningful questions next time.


~ by Kenners on July 30, 2011.

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