VC with Dubai Modern

Last December 6, two learning circles 3 and 7 had a VC (video conference) with Dubai Modern High School, UAE. This was the second VC the group had in a month. This was because the initial VC, which was with Jumeirah College, UAE, both sides experienced some technical difficulties with regards to the sound and the video, particularly the sound. Thus the first VC was cut short for the group. However, the second VC, there appears to be little to no difficulty communicating at all with Dubai Modern. It was my first small group VC and third overall.

Contrary to the first VC, in which the topic was about wealth, this VC talked more about faith and how it has influenced us both personally and in terms of the community. I am pretty lucky that I was able to participate in this VC. I noticed how well both sides were able to communicate and explain their ideas. Everyone was also listening and participating.

The VC started off by playing a video about Xavier and Dubai Modern. Although I had a hard time understanding what the video of Dubai Modern was saying, I tried my best. I think that the decision to play the videos aim to share the history of both schools, seeing that both school are religious schools, would lead to faith, and it indeed. Some topics that were talked about are: “What is faith for you?” “How do you incorporate faith?” among others.

From what I said during the VC, the thing I found most interesting with the VC was how students from other schools do charity work. In Dubai Modern for example, they went out of the country (Kenya) just for that! I was amazed by their dedication and hard work. It kind of inspired me to help the poor. I felt that the most significant insight I learned was that we are motivated to do good because the happiness of the people we serve make us happy.

I was finally able to talk during a VC!! I felt so happy after that! Not only did I approach the microphone once, I talked three times! I think that I can improve on the way I deliver my speech; I observed that I was stuttering a bit when I was talking. Mr. Agtarap also encouraged each of us to speak, which we did, at least once, and it helped in contributing to the success of the VC.


~ by Kenners on December 13, 2011.

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