No Ban to Alcohol

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The whole thing is a poster.

Upon announcement that alcohol would not be banned in the Philippines, nor would it have any age restrictions,
I was like,

But come to think of it,

Then I was,

I should have answered NO TO ALCOHOL right away!!!

But then you can feel like this after drinking alcohol

So I was like,

But then you’ll look like after some time

So, to me, my response for the decision of alcohol to not be banned nor restricted:



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CLE Matters

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My 3 most relevant lessons/topics in CLE during the first semester
1. Social Justice
– I found the video on the bus driver very interesting. In addition to that, I also found the “Analyzing the situation” by politics, economy and socio-culture very interesting and meaningful.

2. Epistemological World Views (Absolutist, Relativist, Evaluativist)
– I agree with Fr. Johnny saying that people who are absolutists and relativists are intellectually lazy but it made me think about them more. I gained more insight.

3. Bible as literature and scripture
– I found it very interesting that we compare the Bible to any other book – a literature. It also made me think whenever I read any kind of literature that what I think of the book may not be what the author intended me to think of it.

My 2 most important skills developed through the sessions/assignments
1. I learned to interpret all, if not most, all of the evidence: as all evidence need interpretation.
2. After the VC, I learned to respect other people more, with their cultures, the way the speak, act and the way they relate to us. It also developed me to have propre etiquette when talking with others.

My most significant insight from my first semester CLE experience
– My most significant insight could probably the way I think of CLE now. I never thought of CLE before as something that would require so deep understanding in order to interpret it fully. It also made me realize that CLE covers not just God and the Bible, it covers a whole lost more stuff – the whole world.

5 Most Painful Moments of my Life

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10: death of a loved one
9: when the back part of my head hit the edge of a glass
8: IB
7: when my game account got hacked
6: when i lost my cellphone

Social Justice Issue

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An ideal system of social justice, according to American philosopher John Rawls, is that “All social primary goods — liberty and opportunity, income and wealth, and the bases of self-respect – are to be distributed equally unless an unequal distribution of any or all of these goods is to the advantage of the least favored”. In the Philippines, I do not think our constitution follows such a system and I do not think any other country in the world has such a perfect system; the closest countries that follow this system are probably the first world countries, considering they are the most developed and least poor. Unlike other countries, the Philippines was an elite country before, but then its economy slowly declined and now we are a third world country. Some reasons for poverty could probably be lack of opportunity and a result of natural calamities, which the Filipinos regularly experience, however, we cannot just keep blaming natural accidents for being poor – we also have ourselves to blame. In my opinion, I believe that there are two sides in this problem – the Church and the government. For me, the Church is the reason that we are poor; for example the RH bill proposed by the government could be a problem-solver for our increasing poverty by way of decreasing the surging population growth in the Philippines but the Church does not want it to push through, claiming that it is God’s will to “come forth and multiply”. In the end, I believe the only way of solving poverty is by the government not seeking the opinions of the Church when it comes to implementing laws and bills, but still invoking it in our daily lives.

SM Immersion DAY 4: Language

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Today was my last day, I should make it count, and I did. I worked extremely hard bagging and returning the carts. I also met a few customers who talked to me in Chinese! For me, I think that bagging itself is very boring, until I get to talk to the cashiers and fellow baggers. This is what I think makes work interesting. My mom also proposed that the idea that the people there are very talkative because work there is very tedious. They need to talk with one another to alleviate the stress. I think the cashiers and baggers loved our stay in SM and helping them out because they always talked to us, treated us like friends, among others. It was only fitting that I returned the favor by doing a rap at the end-of-immersion performance dedicated to my friends(not the IB ones).

SM Immersion DAY 3: Reason

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“In SM, the customer is always right, no matter what. Therefore if they get angry or shout or curse us, we cannot do anything.” I remembered one of the cashiers told me that. For me, that was unfair, but because they value the customers well, SM applied this “law” to its employees. The employees, particularly the cashiers, feel sad whenever this happens. Thus it was only fitting that we go and cheer them up. I also heard one of the employees had an S10 job even though she graduated business and management. This told me that opportunities for work are decreasing as time passes. Some of them don’t even want to be a cashier but they have no choice. Now I also realized that their jobs aren’t easy.

SM Immersion DAY 2: Emotion

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Second day of work and I feel stoked! I can once again show off my skills as a pro bagger! I felt very excited because I got to dance the opening dance! I was also able to meet new cashier and bagger friends! Sometimes the customers also talked to me, which made me feel appreciated! In addition, I kept a happy smile all-throughout my shift, saying “Thank you po!” to each customer. I thought that my excitement overcame the fact that I cannot stand for 4 hours straight. I felt very tired afterwards; I slept on my way home. I still feel very excited for my third day of work tomorrow.